Dallas, TX Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

dallas tx dryer vent cleaning service

If you live in the Dallas area and you’ve never had your dryer vent cleaned, odds are you need to have it done.

Over time lint builds up, birds build nests and eventually this debris will clog the dryer vent.  When that happens, your dryer will get hot, but your clothes won’t be dry at the end of the cycle.  This is a definite sign you need your dryer vent cleaned.

In addition to leaving you with wet clothes at the end of the dryer cycle and wasting electricity, this is also a fire hazard!  The blockage and build-up can catch on fire with the temperatures dryers get to in Texas — especially during the hot summer months.  North Dallas Appliance Repair can help!  Let us clean your dryer vent and help you save on your electric bill at the same time..

Same Day Dryer Vent Cleaning: Call Today at 972-613-2500

dryer vent cleaning service dallas texas

If you live in Dallas or the surrounding area, North Dallas Appliance Repair can clean your dryer vents.  Same day service in most cases.  Take your dryer vents from dirty to clean & feel confident that you’re dryer is operating safely and efficiently with clear vents.

Our dryer vent cleaning service also includes cleaning lint and debris out of the back of the dryer as well as testing the dryer afterwards to insure the job has been done properly every time.  We even install new flex-duct for you!

Need Dryer Repair in Dallas? We can do that too!

If your dryer won’t get hot at all, you most likely need dryer repair.  We can help you with that too.  Call 972-613-2500 and speak with the owner every time.