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  1. richardson tx appliance repair frequently asked questionsIs there really such a thing as a “Free Service Call”? No. Contrary to what you may be told.  Anyone who offers you a “free service call with repair” is still going to charge you a service call fee if they can’t fix your machine.  The key words to note are “with repair”.
  2. Make sure you choose someone who’s been around for a while. Make sure you ask the name of the company that answers the phone! It may not be who you were trying to call. North Dallas Appliance Repair has been around since 1993.
  3. Make sure they have public reviews.  This shows credibility.  You can find our reviews online on Google, Home Advisor, Yelp and get to them from our reviews page.
  4. Make sure you get the exact cost of the repairs up front, before any work is done.  We’ll give you the exact cost for all repairs before we begin any work on your appliance, and we get your approval to do the work up front.
  5. Make sure you know the name of the repairman coming to your home before hand. Everyone deserves to know that their home and family are protected.  We make sure you know exactly who is coming to repair your machine and when they’ll be there, so you can be confident your family and home are in good hands.
  6. Make sure your service company uses brand new, manufacturer’s parts, not second hand parts. We use brand new parts from the manufacturer every time, and those parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you can trust the repair will last.
  7. Never let anyone charge your credit card BEFORE they come out to your house for a service call.  If you call a company that wants to charge you before they come out to look at your machine — run.  No reputable company should or would charge you before even seeing what’s wrong with your machine.  Don’t fall for this one, they might not even show up!
  8. Do you install kitchen appliances in walls, cabinets, or counter tops?  Most new kitchen appliance installation involves cutting granite, shelving, cabinets or drywall, which we prefer to leave to the stonemasons and carpenters. However, in some cases we can install your kitchen appliances. call Scott and ask about your particular situation. We do install washers, dryers, dishwashers (in some cases), refrigerators, garbage disposals, freestanding ice makers and microwaves.